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Sweetpolka’s niche is working with those in the creative industries to develop words and pictures.

This year we decided to take a new approach with creative clients and offer a different service, moving away from a model based on a flow that could be summed up as quoting, briefing, defining the scope of works, presenting concepts, development and finished art/text, testing, invoicing.

The existing model did not feel like it was really meeting the needs of creative individuals – many self employed or running a small business – who have a lot of ideas, strong views, visual literacy and above average technical skills. We formed the impression that too much was frustratingly happening out of their reach.

Designers like to kvetch about clients that email through puppet master-ish edits. Move 2mm, make it bigger, make it smaller etc etc. Been there. Hated it too. Oftentimes, there has been no opportunity to naturally discuss the merits or otherwise, of a particular creative solution to a problem. It would arrive as a bald, ugly message in the inbox. On this end it would elicit a big SIGH.

So we turned the process on its head. No more scope of works and brief followed by nail biting concept and development in private followed by the big reveal.

We proposed committing to a process that was in the first instance exploratory, then collaborative. Literally side-by-side collaborative.

What does it require? For clients it means committing to a open, interrogative, reflective and creative process.

From our end it requires active and close listening, honesty, analytical insights, ideas, confidence and a preparedness for vulnerability.

The upside? It’s a process that leads to personal and business insights even as it oscillates between lulls and breakthroughs it is generally defined by elastic thinking, tangential rumination and honest to god brings about moments of razor sharp clarity. Freakishly efficient.

Using this collaborative approach Sweetpolka recently finished the rebrand of Linda Marek’s jewelry brand.

What we did:
– Undertook a review of Linda Marek’s existing business (Delilah Devine), explored future directions and supported Linda in the establishment of a new venture.
– Devised the branding, both the logo and tone of language for Linda Marek Jewelry.
– Drilled down to define the values, mission and vision for the business.
– Developed the creative direction of the brand and assisted Linda in elaborating the mood, materials and ideas underpinning its first jewellry collection
– Wrote website copy for Linda Marek Jewelry and its collection Tide Collection.
– Collaboratively designed jewelry packaging and conceptualised the printed collateral to accompany online purchases.


“I had such a great experience working with Anna on the rebranding of my jewellery label. Working collaboratively allowed us to workshop ideas together, and get moving on the project quickly. During our sessions I was amazed at how much we were able to achieve. By working on the project together, I was able to provide instant feedback on the content (whether it be graphic design, copywriting, or creative direction) which Anna could then adapt on the spot. Anna is also very perceptive, and was able to articulate key issues that I hadn't recognised. I found the whole experience to be relaxed, fun and extremely efficient. Working with Anna was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to our next project together.”

OUR PERSPECTIVE / Exhilarating. Rewarding. The most exciting part was exploring ideas, committing to outcomes and then shaping the overall vision alongside the client.

Linda Marek Jewelry logo.

Linda Marek Jewelry logo.

Working collaboratively on words and pictures takes courage.

Working collaboratively on words and pictures takes courage.