Words and pictures for arts and business.

Whether you’re an arts organisation, small business, or non-profit, we work closely with you to understand, interpret and communicate your individual communications needs, visual style, values, and objectives.

We can assist with identity building across all media, from images to copywriting, to create and develop a distinctive look and tone that engages its intended audience.

Our expertise lies in content creation. We are skilled storytellers, gun copywriters and editors, gifted project managers, talented designers – and experienced collaborators.

Process? We start by being attentive listeners and then engage our analytical skills. We are flexible and adaptable: depending on your needs we can accomodate the highly structured to the free range.



Writing and editing

• Copywriting for arts and business
• Editing [structural and copy editing] for publication and online spaces
• Project management


• Identity [logo/business cards/e-signatures/stationery]
• Publication design
• Website development and design
• Exhibition branding and signage 
• Signage [wayfinding/banners/billboards]
• Illustration

Digital marketing

• Content creation and management
• Digital media strategy and implementation  
• Engaging, effective copywriting and customised graphics

 Arts publicity

• Marketing, media releases, social media campaigns
• Media engagement

Professional Development/Mentoring

• Working one-on-one to support individuals and business with creative projects and communications nous.
• Developing an authentic voice and engaging digital presence through social media for creatives
• ‘Yoo Hoo: How-to Marketing and Publicity’ for exhibition makers (artists, curators, galleries)