Even in a digital world, presence is everythingDrawing on our expertise in visual and narrative storytelling, sweetpolka can help you to build a cohesive yet adaptable presence, online and offline. We help you tell the story of you, in words and images. 

Identity building is a kind of storytelling. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, how you shape your identity is the way you tell your story to the world. Sweetpolka specialises in identity building, from brand, to project and product.

We understand that storytelling is a holistic process, so we approach your story with our ears and eyes wide open. Our expertise in visual and textual storytelling means we listen to your story and use what you’ve told us to craft a visual and textual identity that reflects your individual style, values, and objectives. Whether you’re an organisation, small business, or non-profit, we are responsive to your sensibility and changing needs. We can assist with identity building across all media, from images to copy writing, to create and develop a distinctive look and tone that engages its intended audience.


• Identity [logo/business cards/e-signatures/stationary]
• Publication design
• Website development and design
• Exhibition branding and signage 
• Signage [wayfinding/banners/billboards]
• Product packaging
• Illustration


• Media campaigns
• Copywriting
• Content creation and content management [website/e-news/social]